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  • Not Anti-Social, But Anti So Social
    Sorry for such a stupid title, but yes, it is true that there’s nobody anti-social in the world. Actually, they are anti-so-social. They are the sorts of people who’re very careful in the selection of their friends, and I’m one of them. One thing we need to understand is that nobody is born with a… Read more: Not Anti-Social, But Anti So Social
  • Kiss of Communication
    Kiss of Communication: The term “Kiss” dominates the statement (Keep it short and specific). After getting old and experienced in life, I came across the title “Kiss of Communication (Kiss: Keep it short & specific)” that can surely help others to make significant and positive changes in their communication. It costs nothing but needs some… Read more: Kiss of Communication
  • Control Your Mind Lest It Control You (Part-1)
    Are you mentally stressed, tensed, exhausted, frustrated? People call you psycho? Are you thinking about suicide? Wait for a moment, I’m trying to ascertain the facts about this problem that I’ve, you’ve and many others have. Because you’re not the only one who has these such issues, many people are having similar issues and most… Read more: Control Your Mind Lest It Control You (Part-1)
  • Common Perspectives of Religions and Believers
    What is a religion? This might be an unusual question for those people who don’t belong to a religion, but for those who do, this is a question they are over-smartly confident in, and hence they hold erring beliefs. Here we are going to figure out some really important points which coerce us to be… Read more: Common Perspectives of Religions and Believers
  • The Life Doesn’t Offer Any Lifeline
    I do believe that I’m blessed. Well, I’m not a man of means, I still do struggle to pull off all my desires and wishes. People follow the different phenomena about living a good life. Whatever they have been doing, it’s temporary for a specific interval. Actually, there are two practices that prevail as follow: A person… Read more: The Life Doesn’t Offer Any Lifeline
  • The Crux of My Life!
    The title of this article brings to light some questions that are consistently being asked by me, as follows: Why do you name Arfa too much? Why don’t you quit serving for Arfa Karim Foundation? Why don’t you focus on yourself to be you? Why you’re traveling to Lahore again and again? And so many… Read more: The Crux of My Life!
  • Essense of Arfa
    Unlike writing with general ethos, I usually take a peek at something or someone that is beyond belief. The overall life of “Arfa Karim” was exceptional,  I often regret the absence of “Arfa Karim”. Although I’m getting divine support in her advocacy, I had already written about that in my previous blog “Arfa My Savior”. May, I… Read more: Essense of Arfa